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The Nortek family of companies and brands is fueled by constant innovation. From design to performance to support, every product line sets a new standard—and revolutionizes how we live and work. See below for some prime examples.

Residential Ventilation Innovations


Broan-NuTone® ULTRA Series Bath Fans

The revolutionary new line of Broan® and NuTone® ULTRASeries Ventilation Fans and Fan/Lights delivers the fastest, easiest, most universal installation, saving contractors time and increasing overall profitability. Besides being nearly silent and extremely energy efficient, ULTRA makes installation up to 60% faster in retrofits and up to 20% faster in new construction.


NuTone LunAura® Collection

LunAura® offers the convenience and safety of functional night lighting, but is soft enough to allow for return to restful sleep. It includes bright white main task lighting, features ultra silent ventilation and is ENERGY STAR qualified. It has a round green-tinted light panel, which turns blue at the flick of a switch.


BEST Sorpresa® Range Hood Collection

The BEST Sorpresa® collection is a unique set of range hood designs that deliver world-class technology while challenging our notions of what a range hood can look like. It has received awards from several magazines and associations, including Kitchen + Bath Business, “KBCulture” and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).


Venmar Air Exchangers – Constructo Series

Venmar offers a wide range of air exchangers with Heat Recovery (HRV) and Energy Recovery (ERV) technologies that effectively minimize loss of heat or coolness. In addition to meeting the new and more stringent ENERGY STAR requirements, these units are more reliable, efficient and easier to install than ever.

Technology Solutions Innovations


ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System

Elan g! —a family of products designed to provide more convenience, comfort and peace-of-mind than ever thought possible. Easy to use and personalized for specific lifestyles, these solutions range from simple family room control to whole-home entertainment and management systems.



BlueBOLT® Remote Power and Energy Management delivers real-time, cloud-based control and monitoring of electronic devices. From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, BlueBOLT provides a unique combination of control and monitoring directly at the power source.



CORIO®3 video processing technology allows the use of layouts which define where each output is used. Outputs can be independently rotated through 360º in real-time for creative video wall applications. Projectors can be used off-axis with brightness controls to enable even distribution of the projected image. Warping controls allow for projection on curved screens. A single layout can be designed to tie multiple projectors or monitors together as one large image.

Linear PERS-4200

PERS-4200 Wireless Health and Wellness Management Console

PERS-4200 is Linear’s next generation Personal Emergency Reporting System, which helps people remain independent and secure in their own homes.  Offering up to 1,000’ range, local temperature monitoring, two-way voice capability, upgradeable firmware and ground-breaking modularity and flexibility with 3G cellular transmission and plug-in options, the PERS-4200 sets the new standard in Health and Wellness management solutions.

e-3 Series eMerge

e3-Series eMerge™ Browser-Based Access Control

Linear’s e3-Series eMerge makes access control management truly easy – with its super-fast setup wizard, solid Linux O/S, activity dashboard and features not found in basic access control systems.  eMerge offers mobile management capability via tablets and smartphones, and gives customers control anywhere, at any time, with any browser.


Proficient MaxTV MT2

There’s no easier way to get great home theater sound than the MaxTV MT2. Just place it under a flat-panel TV, connect an audio cable, and instantly your TV sounds like a full-blown home theater. Dual 5.25-inch subwoofers, four 2.5-inch midranges, two 1-inch silk tweeters and simulated surround sound give the MaxTV MT2 true theatrical impact. The MaxTV MT2 isn’t just for TV, though. Built-in Bluetooth lets you connect a smartphone or computer wirelessly, so you can enjoy your music collection or Internet radio through the MaxTV MT2′s powerful speakers. With analog and digital inputs, the MaxTV MT2 connects to any audio source. It may be the only sound system you need!

Display Mount Solutions Innovations


Tablet Management Cart for iPad

The Ergotron Tablet Management Cart is an open-architecture cart that enables fleet management of tablets by storing, syncing and charging up to 48 devices. Ideal for classrooms and offices, the universal design accommodates the iPad, iPod Touch, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle and more. A similar product is offered for notebook computers.


Interactive TV Arm

The new Interactive Arm from OmniMount; lifts, swings or turns displays in any direction. So televisions can be effortlessly moved into multiple positions with only a light touch and screens will appear to float on air. Easily adjusted from sitting to standing heights, it eliminates awkward viewing angles and sore necks.


Styleview® EMR Laptop Cart

The Styleview® EMR Laptop Cart is a lightweight, ergonomic and easily maneuvered healthcare cart that features sit-to-stand height adjustment and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray. Ergotron’s years of experience with point-of-care computing have enabled it to design a cart that medical, IT and procurement professionals will all love.


Workfit – A

The height-adjustable WorkFit-A workstation clamps to the rear or side of most surfaces and enables an effortless sit-and-stand work style. It moves keyboards and displays in one simple motion, making computing comfortable for prolonged periods. The keyboard can be folded up and the arm can be swung out of the way when more desk space is needed.

Heating and Cooling Innovations



NORDYNE’s SmartLite® Controller Technology improves reliability and extends the life of furnace igniters. Utilizing microchip software programming, it varies the igniter heat-up time interval. To do so, it learns the heat-up characteristics of the igniter and then adjusts the heat-up interval on the next trial accordingly.


iQ Drive®

NORDYNE’s award winning iQ Drive® air conditioners, heat pumps and gas packs utilize inverter-driven rotary technology to convert electrical current from AC to DC and vary compressor and fan motor speeds. By eliminating the on/off cycle used by traditional systems, they can save energy and considerably reduce sound levels.



NORDYNE’s Anteater™MC Micro-Channel evaporator coil eliminates leaks caused by formicary corrosion. It features an all-aluminum Micro-Channel construction designed to provide water management and thermal performance results equal to the standard copper tube-in-fin designs, except with superior resistance to formicary and galvanic corrosion.


95% AFUE Gas Furnace for Manufactured Housing

NORDYNE remains the undisputed HVAC leader for manufactured homes. In May 2011, it introduced the most efficient gas furnace in the standard manufactured housing footprint. The M7RL is rated at 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), and is available under the most recognized manufactured housing HVAC brands, Intertherm and Miller.

Custom and Engineered Solutions Innovations



The CLEANSUITE® system from HUNTAIR is a modular, ceiling diffuser system with integrated filtration, electrical, piping and structural equipment supports. Its uses include hospital operating rooms, outpatient surgery centers and other laminar flow applications requiring low turbulence airflow and optimized contamination control.


Data Center Solutions

Whether a project requires up or downflow computer room air handler (CRAH) configurations, direct or indirect adiabatic solutions, high density rack-based cooling or conventional cooling systems, HUNTAIR and Eaton-Williams have the product mix to meet exacting data center requirements. Each project is evaluated individually to provide optimal efficiency.



FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®was originated by HUNTAIR® ceiling grid systems and used in cleanroom applications. The smaller fans and motors distributed throughout the grid are ideal for providing the even airflow distribution required for a cleanroom environment, as well as redundancy and easy serviceability to minimize revenue risk associated with downtime.


Geothermal Systems Offering High Efficiency and Superior IAQ

Water source heat pumps – particularly in geothermal applications – are renowned for high efficiency, but up until now they have not been associated with high efficiency filtration options. For those who require or desire more, including sensitive healthcare buildings, Mammoth offers heat pumps from 2 to 70 tons that offer the best of both worlds – industry-leading EER and COP ratings and the ability to use MERV 13 filters or 99% efficient HEPA filters without penalty to efficiency or system performance.

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