Residential Ventilation

Nortek’s Residential Ventilation group is the market-leading producer of range hoods, ventilation fans and indoor-air-quality products—as well as energy efficient, built-in convenience products—in North America. In fact, over 80% of U.S. homeowners rely on one or more of our products every day for superior air quality and convenience.



Product Lines


Range Hoods

BEST and Zephyr combine incredible design with innovative technology, creating range hoods that are extremely quiet and extremely effective in removing smoke and odors. Traditional Broan and NuTone designs offer quiet operation, superior performance and key convenience options that include remote controls.


Bath/Ventilation Fans

Broan and NuTone offer the widest variety of bath and ventilation fans in the industry. For high-performance, ENERGY STAR-qualified solutions for today’s green building requirements — or for ultra quiet operation that ensures a comfortable environment — Broan and NuTone offer stylish options for any situation.


Indoor Air Quality Products

Broan and Venmar set the standard for innovation and excellence with air exchangers fueled by Heat Recovery (HRV) and Energy Recovery (ERV) technologies. These technologies help to minimize loss of heat or coolness, significantly reducing the level of airborne pollutants and improving our customers’ standard of living.



When you need to heat a bath, kitchen or dressing room without heating an entire home, Broan’s spot heaters get the job done. There’s no external venting, so the electricity converted into heat can be delivered directly to where it’s needed, providing an efficient choice for taking the chill out of individual rooms.


Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation can be an excellent source of energy savings. Air trapped in your attic can easily reach 150° or more. With Broan attic ventilation solutions, attics stay a full 60° cooler on a 90° day. They reduce cooling expenses, preserve the structural integrity of the roof and remove damaging moisture from the attic — and remain essential to making any home more comfortable.


Central Vacuum Systems

Quiet, powerful and convenient, NuTone Central Vacuum Systems make cleaning every corner of a house unbelievably easy. Their powerful cleaning suction removes dirt, pollen and pet dander, dramatically improving indoor air quality. In addition, these long-lasting, built-in convenience products add value to the home.

Other Lifestyle Convenience Products


Trash Compactors

Broan has been designing and producing trash compactors for nearly 40 years, refining the product while defining the category. The result? A line of products that complement today’s high-style appliances while allowing homeowners to remain environmentally conscious. They take convenience, hygiene and style to a whole new level.


Door Chimes

First impressions start at the front door with a NuTone door chime. They continue inside with the sound of a pleasant greeting playing throughout the house. NuTone has set the standard in uniquely designed push buttons in a variety of finishes. Each is connected to an easy-to-install wired or wireless door chime mechanism.


Ironing Centers

The NuTone Built-In Ironing Center stylishly stores ironing items within reach. No more dragging out the ironing board or clearing a spot to set it up. The deluxe model even offers a built-in electrical outlet for easy iron plug-in. Customers can choose from a wide range of door styles to match their home décor.


Intercom Systems

A sound investment in style, function and value, NuTone is the leader in “styled for today” radio intercoms and intercom systems. Know who’s at the door, monitor a child’s room or stream music and news throughout the house. NuTone systems are the most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into a home.


Broan-NuTone LLC

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Broan-NuTone LLC is North America’s largest producer of residential ventilation products, including range hoods, bath fans and air exchangers. It also holds major market positions in chimes, central vacuums, intercom systems, built-in electric heaters, whole-house fans, attic ventilators, ironing centers and trash compactors.


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Truly the ultimate in kitchen ventilation, BEST combines the epitome of Italian design with unsurpassed engineered performance. From chimney styles to downdrafts to inserts for indoor and outdoor kitchens, BEST helps customers define their lifestyle.


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Venmar is a Canadian market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of built-in residential ventilation and air exchange products, including energy recovery components. It provides customers with a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment through wholesale, retail, appliance and OEM channels.


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Zephyr was first to recognize the unmet demand for more powerful, professional-grade hoods in the home. And answered with the Power series, high-CFM performers that put air quality concerns to rest with quiet efficiency—and raised the bar with self-cleaning, filter-free technologies never before available.

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